Civil Law, Criminal Law and Municipal Land Use Law in Toms River, New Jersey

Turn to Edward F. Liston, Jr., Esq. and his legal team the next time you require assistance in the fields of municipal land use law, real estate law, probate law, criminal law or civil law.  Our full-service law firm provides personalized, individual legal advice and legal representation to clients throughout New Jersey.  Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Court, Criminal Law and Civil Law in Toms River, NJ

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Municipal Land Use
We handle all aspects of municipal land use, including property development and planning and zoning, as well as representing citizen objectors before planning and zoning boards.  Many different issues can arise during the development process, and our team is here to help you address them in a timely manner.

Criminal Law
Our attorneys provide representation for misdemeanors and indictable offenses that encompass a wide variety of criminal law issues, including:

• Assault
• Death by Auto
• Disorderly Conduct
• Drug Possession
• Drunk Driving
• Fraud
• Misconduct in Office
• Theft
• Traffic Violations

Civil Law
Civil law covers a wide range of issues.  If you feel your rights have been violated, we will be there to handle all disputes between businesses and individuals.  When it is necessary to sue a business or another person for monetary compensation, we will represent you in a professional manner.  If you are sued as a business or as an individual and are in need of representation, we will vigorously undertake your defense.

Turn to Edward F. Liston, Jr., LLC, in Toms River, New Jersey, and schedule an appointment for help in matters relating to civil law, criminal law and municipal land use law.