Wills, Trusts and Estate Law in Toms River, New Jersey

At the law office of Edward F. Liston, Jr., we offer hands-on legal representation for all matters pertaining to wills, trusts and estates.  To discuss your particular case, contact us to arrange a consultation with a member of our legal team.  We are here to help whenever you need us.

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Wills & Estates
Estate and probate planning is a very important aspect of your life, and should be handled with the utmost care and attention.  At Edward F. Liston, Jr., LLC, we handle both pre-death planning and post-death will administration and probate, including estate settlement and litigation, if necessary.

Making a will helps you become more aware of your own financial situation and assets.  In helping you prepare your will, we will perform an in-depth interview to discuss the details of the matters that need to be covered, including taxes, gifting and other variables.

The process by which a person’s assets are distributed according to his or her will after death, and the taxation issues associated with the distribution of those assets, are set down in state and federal law.  We strive to conserve the assets of the estate, minimize the death tax exposure, and guide the actions of the executor at every stage of the estate settlement.

If litigation is necessary, or if defending or challenging a will in court is required, our years of experience in handling such cases will serve you well.

Receive legal assistance from our wills, estates and probate law office in Toms River, New Jersey, or schedule an appointment.